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Tuesday, November 7, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Salina Rivera
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The 2017 HITEC Silicon Valley Leadership Summit & HITEC 100 Awards Gala Benefiting the HITEC Foundation Was A Success!

Nearly 300 IT business executives and senior leaders gathered at the Intuit headquarters in Mountain View, California on November 2 - 3, 2017 for our signature HITEC Silicon Valley Leadership Summit, "Digital Life, Leadership and Innovation." 

The two-day summit, hosted by Intuit, featured a great lineup of technology leaders from across the country. Our expert speakers and panelists contributed their knowledge and expertise on digital transformation, emerging trends in technology, and giving back to the community. Many speakers shared advice, stories of their personal journey and experiences, complimenting our mission at HITEC of "pushing up and pulling up."

DAY #1 - Leadership Summit Highlights
Thursday, Nov. 2nd 

On the morning of November 2, Accenture kicked off Day 1 of the leadership summit with their HITEC Women's Breakfast series. The breakfast panel offers an open conversation, talking about about bridging the gender gap in the technology realm. This session focused on Getting to Equal. Faster. and what we can do today to start closing that gap in the IT industry.

The breakfast was opened by Jennifer Correa, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for Intuit, and Rocio Lopez, Global Information Technology Executive for Accenture. The breakfast panel featured:
  • Mary Hamilton, Managing Director of Digital Experiences, R&D Lead for Accenture Technology Labs
  • Diana Albarrán Chicas, GEO Product Line Manager for Space Systems Loral
  • Jimena Almendares, Vice President Business Leader for Payments for Intuit. These IT leaders shared their stories about being women in the corporate world, valuing oneself, and how they work to close the gender gap.
"Feel empowered to say, 'no this isn't right.' Speak up if you don't see women represented. We have a responsibility to speak up." ~ Diana Albarrán Chicas, GEO Product Line Manager, Space Systems Loral
Atticus Tysen, Intuit Chief Information Officer and HITEC Summit keynote speaker, opened up the summit by sharing a unique view inside Intuit's success and shared how Intuit leverages diversity and inclusion strategies to improve company results and drive IT. Their mission: "Transform Intuit to operate at the highest level."
Three concurrent sessions were offered at the Silicon Valley Leadership Summit. 
  • KPMG continued their Board Fit series focusing on helping attendees understand the interests of investors.
  • Salina Rivera, Founder and CEO of MIYAN Media presented Part III of The Digital You, which focused on defining, designing and delivering expert executive and corporate brands online. 
  • DRR Advisors' Founder and CEO Dr. Robert Rodriguez and Intuit's Growth Marketing Manager, Noel De La Torre, spoke about the strategy used by top ERGs to groom leaders and develop talent. 
Alberto Yépez, HITEC Chairman and Managing Director of Trident Capital Cybersecurity, led the Fortune Fireside Chat with Fortune Magazine's Executive Editor, Adam Lashinsky. Adam is the author of Wild Ride: Inside Uber’s Quest for World Domination, released in May 2017. Adam was asked to expound on a number business topics including leadership. Adam has interviewed a number of global CEO's, and was asked to talk about key leadership characteristics.
"Leaders are all very different people. It's difficult to distill it down to just a few qualities. Mark Zuckerberg is proving to be an amazing leader. He clearly has an ability to know when he's wrong and to change his mind. Self-awareness is key." - Adam Lashinsky, Executive Editor, Fortune Magazine
The EEP, led by Anne-Marie Azzi, Cisco Systems Business Operations Manager, develops emerging Hispanic IT leaders with the highest potential and desire to become the next generation of Hispanic IT Executive leaders. Each participant is partnered with a mentor to help guide them on how to maximize their efforts of expanding their career.
"As a result of being part of HITEC's Emerging Executive Program, I've been able to make huge strides in my career in very little time.  The EEP has been a catalyst for me, personally and for my career. Muchas Gracias." ~ Vazjier Rosario, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft

HITEC 100 Awards Gala Benefiting the HITEC Foundation
Thursday, Nov. 2nd 

On the evening of November 2, HITEC Leaders and guests came together at the 2017 HITEC 100 Awards Gala to honor fellow HITEC members on their contributions to the organization and industry as well as to raise money for the HITEC Foundation. There wasn't a dry eye in the house as Michelle Perez, a HITEC Foundation's scholarship recipient, shared her story and described how the support she has received helped to change her story. After expressing her hope of one day working for the Walt Disney Company, HITEC Leader, Pablo Schneider, CEO of The Wider Net, and Special Advisor to AP Capital Holdings (APCH) was able to secure an interview for her.

John Canela, an IT Engineer at Cisco Systems, was this years Rising Star for HITEC. John spoke about the importance of giving back so the next generation will have the opportunities he has had. "No matter where life takes me, HITEC will always be part of my story," said John.

James Dalton, the Vice President of Application Services at Freddie Mac was in attendance. Freddie Mac generously contributed $30,000 to the Columbia Heights Educational Campus. The money went specifically to fund a lab and provide supplies to increase the representation of young hispanics in STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) related pursuits. 

"I'll be continuing with HITEC because I've made so many connections with them, and this night made me want to work harder and start my life already."
~ Michelle Perez, HITEC Foundation Scholarship Recipient, Student at San Jose Sate University 
Congratulations 2018 HITEC 100 Award Winners!
The Gala also included an Awards Ceremony where many influential #HITECLeaders were honored.
  • KPMG was awarded the Corporation of the Year Award for contributing to the advancement of information technology while simultaneously demonstrating proactive leadership in advancing diversity and creating IT opportunities for the success of future Hispanic leaders.
  • The Member of the Year award was presented to Frank DeArmas, CEO and Founder of DeArmas Strategic Consulting LLC, for his leadership, integrity, and dedication to both the technology industry and HITEC.
  • Jorge Titinger, Founder and CEO of Titinger Consulting, was honored with the Estrella Award for demonstrating excellence in all aspects of his global career and serving as a role-model for "rising stars."
  • Andre Arbeláez, Senior Vice President and Chief Strategy Officer for Softtek, was honored for his legacy of work with HITEC, including serving as President for 6 years.
"We stand on the shoulders of the people who came before us. Our mothers, our fathers, our mentors. I know I stand on the shoulders of my mother, who came to this country for me."
~ Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, Global and U.S. Service Line Leader for Customer & Operations Advisory, KPMG LLP

DAY #2 - Leadership Summit Highlights
Friday, Nov. 3rd 

Kicking off day #2 was the the Digital Leadership Panel led by Intuit's Vice President of Customer Experience Technology, Ernesto Boada.

The panel, which consisted of Marisa Viveros, Vice President Strategy and Offerings, Telecommuncations and Media for IBM Corporation, Lucia Soares, Vice President of Health care Technology Strategy for Johnson & Johnson, and Paulo Manzato, Regional Vice President of Latin America Sales for Oracle, discussed the digital transformation within companies and the prominent use and evolution of artificial intelligence.

"We are really embracing the digital transformation for ourselves and setting an example for our customers." ~ Marisa Viveros, Vice President Strategy and Offerings, Telecommunications & Media IBM Corporation
"Now you can see the use of artificial intelligence everyday. It's here. It's now." ~ Paulo Manzato, Regional Vice President of Latin America Sales, Oracle
The panel for Winning with Technology Innovation moderated by Ricardo Bartra, CIO, DHL Global Forwarding, featured Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, Global and U.S. Service Line Leader for Customer & Operations in Advisory, KPMG, Arjuna Rivera, EBS Infrastructure and International (I2) Labs Lead and Principal Researcher, Lockheed Martin, Enrique Oregon, GM Caribbean and Spanish Speaking America, Salesforce. A key take-away from the session was how technology can be innovative for a company when it comes from the top to the bottom. 
"The employee experience needs to match with customer experience or else there will be a disconnect." ~ Miriam Hernandez-Kakol, Global and U.S. Service Line Leader for Customer & Operations in Advisory, KPMG
HITEC's Ted Talk featured four speakers from top companies sharing their stories about personal life experiences that changed the trajectory of their careers. 
  •  "I was a kid who benefitted a lot from the system. It is crucial to make a change and have others benefit from the system also," said" Lilian Coral, Director of National Strategy at John S. and James L. Knight Foundation, as she encouraged fellow tech leaders to create smart cities.
  • "We all have the skills, we just need someone who can help give us that push in the right direction to get there," said Adam Vazquez, Vice President, Global IT at HPE, as he defined success by how much passion you have for your work.
  • "Life is about competition, growth, it's about being a part of it,"
    said Pilar Manchon, Director of Cognitive Interfaces, Amazon.
    Pilar shared her predictions on how artificial intelligence can one day help the world become a better place.
  • "We can extend grace to others by just being nice to them, because someone who is kind and really cares, is someone you want to work with," said Bernard Coleman III, Chief Diversity Officer, Uber as he highlighted micro-inclusion and the implications on how that can effect a well structured company and your overall life. 
Key take-aways from the cybersecurity panel include:
  • Cyber Security is a shared responsibility that requires shared committment and participation from the boardroom to the server room." ~ Brian Arellanes, Chief Executive Officer & Chairman, ITSourceTek
  • Any tech issue left unresolved long enough always becomes a cyber security issue." ~ Dr. Yonesy Núñez, Senior Vice President - Information Security Leader - Wells Fargo
  • 52% of cyber security issues are caused by human error. ~ Alex Ruiz, Executive Cybersecurity Advisor and Consultant, Ruiz Consulting
  • There are $5 Billion in losses each year associated with C-level business email compromises. - Eduardo Cabrera, Chief Cybersecurity Officer, Trend Micro
Key take-aways from the Fireside Chat between Andre Arbeláez, SVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Softtek USA, and Brian Tippens, Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Key take-aways from the Fireside Chat between Andre Arbeláez, SVP & Chief Strategy Officer, Softtek USA, and Brian Tippens, Vice President & Chief Diversity Officer, Hewlett Packard Enterprise include:
  • There is a need for all companies to work collectively to make an impact on diversity and inclusion.
  • As leaders we need to foster & develop leaders by empowering the and helping to remove hurdles
At the conclusion of the Fireside Chat, Brian Tippens presented Andre Arbelaez with a tribute, by establishing the Andre Arbeláez Scholarship funded by Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 
Jesse Cortez, Global Inclusion Effectiveness Lead for Inlusion and Diversity at Hewlett Packard Enterprise
Thank you to our emcee Jesse Cortez, Global Inclusion Effectiveness Lead for Inlusion and Diversity at Hewlett Packard Enterprise!
Additional photos from this summit may be found on our Facebook page. Please be sure to tag yourself and others you recognize in the photos and share them with your network. 

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